Like a backstage pass for geeks

by Amber Rhea, May 2, 2006 - 2:53pm

My interview with web dev hotshots Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman, and Jason Santa Maria is finally available for download. If you're a geek, you know these guys are minor celebrities.

So have a listen. It's a little over 13 minutes long, complete with (in addition to the actual interview) advice on how all you single fellas out there can get yourselves a girlfriend, and a self-aggrandizing vignette from me at the end. And be sure to grab the Mostly ITP RSS feed and stay tuned, because next week we'll be recording the book signing at Manuel's with Kos and Jerome (minor celebrities to bloggers and politics nerds).

Tags: An Event Apart, Atlanta, Eric Meyer, geek, Jeffrey Zeldman, politics, technology

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