TAG Podcasting Panel

by Amber Rhea, March 27, 2007 - 2:50pm

This Thursday, Rusty and I will be participating on a panel sponsored by TAG, entitled "Podcasts: What You Need to Know." It's free for TAG members, and a mere $20 for non-members. Here's the summary from the TAG web site:

TAG Content Management has assembled a panel of podcast professionals and marketing executives to give you insight into publishing audio online and to help you develop your related corporate strategies. Podcasts are changing the way organizations and individuals are interacting with their constituents. Hear our panel discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Why have podcasts
  • Podcasting best practices
  • The role of Apple's iTunes
  • Real-world case studies

So, if you're looking for something to do Thursday night, come to the Macquarium building on Peachtree to hear us - along with Sherry and Kevin - yap about podcasting. Bonus drinking game: sneak in a flask and do a shot every time I use a corporate buzzword. (I tend to do that when I get nervous.)

Tags: business, podcasting, podcasts, Site Announcements, TAG, Technology Association of Georgia

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