Sex, Wine and Chocolate: a sex-positive cabaret fundraiser

by Amber Rhea, September 4, 2007 - 9:19pm

If you don't have plans for Oct. 18, be sure to mark your calendar and come to the Georgians for Choice/Generation Five Sex, Wine and Chocolate fundraiser. Hell, if you do have plans, cancel them and come to this instead, because it's likely to be a lot more fun than whatever you've got scheduled.

Sex, Wine and Chocolate

There will be burlesque performances, spoken word, a drag show, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, all manner of tasty desserts, a chocolate fountain, plenty of booze, awesome prizes such as a trip to St. Croix, and, of course, more.

I'm really excited about this because too often, it seems like nonprofit activist type gatherings are so somber and boring - which always struck me as a terrible way to raise money for a cause. Instead, why not have a big party that says, "This is the good stuff our organization is working for in the world!"

So come to Decatur on Oct. 18 and get yourself some sex, wine, and chocolate - or at least one of the three.

(Major props to Mel for creating the bad-ass logo. It makes me salivate.)

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