Introducing... the Atlanta POPcast

by duanemoody, February 7, 2007 - 2:38pm

Welcome to the very first episode of the Atlanta POPcast!! In this podcast, we will be exploring none other than the beast that is pop music. Far too much music is released all over the world every single week for one person to sift through and find the good stuff, and as someone that has had a hard time in the past, I know how it can be frustrating to be left with only a few good choices. I also find it frustrating to rely on sources like the radio, because often they pass of utter crap as pop, and we are expected to buy it; but sometimes, it is just too much to bear.

Since my insatiable appetite for music only grows with each passing day, I am constantly on the look out for good pop, stuff that can literally be music to my ears, and I often find some really great stuff. Additionally, I, being a giving and caring person that I am, really want an opportunity to share this great music that I find with others; because there is a good chance that if I had to search hard for it, many others haven't yet heard it! That's where the POPcast comes in!!

I will use this as a forum to play clips of songs from the albums that I feel are worthy enough to present, so that you can get a better feel of an artist's album; from someone who likes the CD, not just a music critic. I will be doing my best each episode to bring you a few different CDs, and hopefully, we can explore some great pop artists and albums together. If I turn one listener into a fan of some great pop, then I have accomplished my mission. There's so much out there we are missing out on, and hopefully, this can at least bring a few more CDs to your collection.

So, sit back, download the POPcast, and check out what I have been spinning; you may find music you too will fall in love with!! I will also be sharing singles that are tearing up my ipod, because sometimes, we have to face it, not everyone can pull together a great record, and one song or two may be all they've got. But that won't stop us from loving what they have!!!

Thanks for listening, and check back for future episodes, and feel free to give me some suggestions if you have a great pop band out there that you want people to hear about... I am always in the market for new tunes!

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