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by Grayson, August 8, 2007 - 12:01pm

August 9, 2007. Lyons, GA -- Wilson Smith, Attorney at Law from Lyons, Georgia, decided "someone needed to keep an eye on politicians in general." So he commenced the dirty work by interviewing noteworthy folk in Georgia politics for the Lyons radio station, WLYU.

Now, Smith's political media inclinations have grown into a treasure trove of notables in Georgia news, media and politics -- with Smith's freewheeling interviews available as podcasts for listening at your desktop, or for downloading to your mobile device, on the newly-refurbished website and blog, WhatIsGoinOn. (

Whether he's talking to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle about the upcoming Legislative session or a national political operative like Terry McAuliffe, Smith's genuine southern style and wit shines through with his skilled conversational tone, something woefully lacking in most contemporary political media.

Smith's fascination with new social media tools such as blogging and podcasting is also a big part of WhatIsGoinOn, as in-between political interviews and his work as an attorney he quizzes notable Georgia bloggers such as Erick Erickson and James Williams on their work in emerging new media.

Smith hired Rusty Tanton and Amber Rhea, co-creators of the award-winning Georgia Podcast Network, to create the new look and easy navigation of WhatIsGoinOn.

Click to WhatIsGoinOn now for free, downloadable interviews with the best and the brightest of Georgia's most interesting newsmakers.

For more information about WhatIsGoinOn, please contact Grayson Daughters at WaySouth Media, Inc. or 404-216-0387.

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