The Eagerly Anticipated is Online and Piping Hot!!!

by jcegordon, May 16, 2006 - 1:53pm

ATLANTA, Ga., May 16, 2006 — WaySouth Media is pleased to announce the launch of TrueGritz, the first Southern culture variety show created exclusively for the Internet.

Catch the show right now at:

TrueGritz is a delightfully lively, digital weekly discussion of news and views from a uniquely Southern point of view. TrueGritz bypasses the traditional, TV-dependent delivery structure to reach a global audience on the World Wide Web.

Says TrueGritz founder and co-host, Pauline Ashley-Wilkes, "I've got enough monkeys on my back. Last thing I need is to be hauling around a big 'ole TV set. My own butt accomplishes that goal just fine."
Indeed, technological innovation and application is integral to the TrueGritz corporate mission.

Says Pauline Ashley-Wilkes, "We're hoping that in our lifetime we will see a fully integrated, seamless, technology-inclined southern environment, all the while preserving our natural habitat and milieu, like pine trees and the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms, SC."

"That's fer sure," pipes up TrueGritz' other founder and co-host, Sas Gordon-Walker. "I see Southerners embracing a future that will be like a rhinestone-embedded, lightweight wireless communications device that dispenses sweet tea."

TrueGritz: The Internet, but Southern style.

Grayson Daughters
WaySouth Media, Inc.

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