Georgia College & State University uses iPods in curriculum

by Rusty Tanton, March 12, 2006 - 6:20pm

Georgia College & State University might be the most Podcast-friendly university in the country, judging by the percentage of the faculty that puts out podcasts. From the Macon Telegraph:

At least 100 of the rural Georgia school's employees use the digital music and video players as an education or research tool - impressive for a college with only about 300 faculty. Rather than simply making class lectures available for download to iPods - a practice now routine at many colleges and even a few high schools - the school's educators are pushing to find more strategic uses of the device.

History professor Deborah Vess asks students to download 39 films to their devices so she doesn't have to spend class time screening the movies. Psychology professor Noland White has found a new-age answer to office hours: a podcast of the week's most asked questions.

Tags: Education, Georgia College and State University, iPod

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