Misadventures in podcasting, part II

by Rusty Tanton, May 27, 2006 - 6:56pm

Amber already gave you the lowdown on her misadventures in podcasting, so now here's one of mine...

The most egregious mistake I've made so far was at our very first podcast party. Things were going swimmingly. There was palpable energy in the room after we recorded the first North Fulton Drama Club and GA Political Podcast episodes. The liquor was flowing, and everyone gathered around Duane to grill him in a Meet Your Podcasters segment. He was hilarious and everyone was having a great time. In my case, perhaps, a little too much of a good time.

The apartment was stocked with Sweetwater, Sam Adams, Bud Light, Flying Dog, and Terrapin, and I went through a few of each of them (except the Bud Light, blech). After the group interview with Duane was over, there was a brief lull, followed by frantic requests to record some PSAs and commercials. In my drunken stupor, I had saved Duane's last podcast but forgotten to quit the recording program and re-launch it to start a new podcast. So, I overwrote Duane's podcast with the PSAs and commercials.

We lost a really kickass podcast because I was shitfaced. Go beer! Err...

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