Amber is on the TeeVee!

by Rusty Tanton, January 7, 2008 - 2:44pm

Check it out, Amber is in the latest Download Squad Squadcast!

Wherein she talks about (what else?) podcasting. I know she's a little self-conscious about being on video, but I think it went smashingly.

Like Amber says in the video, the main thing that's fun to us about podcasting is it gives us an excuse to go out and talk to people we think are interesting. To a lesser degree, that's what remains fun to me about blogging. I think if I was just sitting around typing words and sending them out into the ether without meeting new people, blogging would get boring to me very quickly.

Also, since it's Amber Press Day, check out this article titled Ten Hot Sexuality (And Gender) Issues of 2007 by our friend Audacia Ray. The GDGF is quoted about pole dancing.

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