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Jeff Goldblatt - Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing - JCI Met Net 2007

by jciatlanta, August 8, 2007 - 12:08pm

Show notes

Jeff Goldblatt

Jeff Goldblatt
Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing
JCI Met Net 2007

How do some ideas and information spread like wildfire (celebrity gossip, email forwards, funny jokes, popular websites) until it seems like everyone knows about them? What makes someone re-tell a story, pass on information, or forward an email?
Can "word of mouth" be controlled or manipulated? What is "viral marketing" and how can you use it to your advantage?
(Whether you're running a multi-million dollar company or throwing a multi-keg party.)


As Founder and Creative Director of The Rejection Hotline and RH Brands, LLC, Jeff handles the strategic direction for the company and the creative direction for all RH Brands' properties. Originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, Jeff is a 1999 graduate of Emory University in Atlanta with a degree in Journalism and Philosophy. After a 4-year hold on the title of "World's Worst Entrepreneur" (due to the fact that his various ventures were reaching millions and millions of people and receiving steady national media coverage, yet consistently losing him money and relegating him to a life in which he was forced to live as the House Mom in the Sigma Nu fraternity house at Emory), Jeff made the best decision of his entrepreneurial career when he fired himself as CEO of his own company in 2006.

Programming Note: Jeff was mic'd up during this presentation, but the questions from the audience were not. However, you should be able to tell what the questions were by the answers that Jeff gives.

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