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Mostly ITP

Amber and Rusty podcast about whatever strikes their fancy, which generally are things and issues inside Atlanta's perimeter.

Hosts: Amber Rhea, Rusty Tanton

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Self-indulgent banter - pool wood, sleep talking, yearbook readings, and MySpace

by Amber Rhea, June 18, 2006 - 5:23pm

Show notes

This is our first attempt at a podcast consisting wholly of Rusty and me sittin' around talking. We tried not to make it too boring. We discuss important issues such as stuff Rusty says in his sleep and the proper pronunciation of 'pillow.' This episode also features the first installment of our new segment, "We Weep For The Future," in which we subject listeners to particularly bad MySpace profiles.

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Tags: banter, MySpace, talkie, We weep for the future