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Talkie - Intro improvs, pole dancing, Rusty's masonry tips, Chicago trip, buying a new computer, Twitter questions, sex clubs

by Amber Rhea, June 22, 2007 - 9:36pm

Show notes

Rusty and I recorded this first-day-of-summer talkie on the roof of our apartment building, overlooking the city. Topics include:

  • We might have to stop doing improvs in the Mostly ITP introductions, because they're getting too hard to think of. Unless, of course, our listeners want to help us think of new ones.
  • Almost a year after taking up pole dancing, I'm getting my own stripper pole! It will be installed in our apartment very soon.
  • Masonry tips from Rusty. He's been quite the handyman lately and shares some things he's learned.
  • In July, we'll be going to Chicago for BlogHer and general vacationing.
  • I need a new computer. I'm trying to resist the inevitable, but it is, indeed, inevitable.
  • Twitter question from Laura
  • We're going to a sex club tonight (June 22). We mention it, and promise a follow-up podcast.

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