Free podcasting "unconference" to introduce podcasting to newbies, help current podcasters hone their skills

by Rusty Tanton, February 12, 2007 - 11:59am

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Free podcasting "unconference" to introduce podcasting to newbies, help current podcasters hone their skills

ATLANTA, Ga., Feb. 12, 2007 — PodCamp Atlanta, a two-day unconference, will offer sessions to introduce podcasting to the uninitiated and to help current podcasters expand their skills. It will be held March 17-18 at Emory University. Attendance is free.

"It's a great opportunity for hobbyists, organizations and everyone else to learn how to create podcasts and how podcasting can benefit them," said Amber Rhea, one of PodCamp Atlanta's organizers.

Podcasts are multimedia files that are syndicated over the Internet. People can use software to download them automatically and watch or listen to them whenever they want rather than being confined to watch or listen at a specific time.

PodCamp Atlanta is an unconference, which means that sessions will be informal conversations organized by fellow participants. People with some knowledge in a subject area, such as podcast production or writing, facilitate conversations with the audience.

"Everyone is free to ask questions and share what they know," said Penny Haynes, another of PodCamp Atlanta's organizers. "The discussions are much more exciting than traditional conference presentations where someone stands at the front of the room and reads off a set of slides."

More than 20 sessions are already scheduled, including "Podcasting 101: Getting Started," "Legal Issues in Podcasting," "Creating Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Podcast," "Grow Your Business by Podcasting," and "Podcasting and Politics."

Close to 100 people have already registered for PodCamp Atlanta. Registration will be closed once 200 participants have signed up, so anyone wishing to attend is encouraged to register as soon as possible.

PodCamp Atlanta will be the eighth unconference in the series. The first PodCamp was held in Boston in September 2006, and others have since been held in San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Berlin, Germany among other places.

The event is managed by volunteers and funded by sponsors 1st Podcast Publishing; Blubrry; Escape Artists, Inc.; Georgia Daily Digest; Georgia for Democracy; Georgia Podcast Network; Georgia Political and Policy Digest; Hakano; iProng; ListenShare; Podcast Directories for Sale; PodcastSoup; TalkShoe; TechLINKS; TechSmith; and What a Concept!. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

To register for free, to view a full schedule of sessions and to learn more, visit the event's Web site at If you are interested in sponsoring PodCamp Atlanta or have any questions, contact Amber Rhea by calling (678) 389-9411 or sending an email to


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