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Amber and Rusty podcast about whatever strikes their fancy, which generally are things and issues inside Atlanta's perimeter.

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Augusta night life in the swingin' seventies

by Amber Rhea, August 11, 2006 - 9:39am

Show notes

In this episode, Rusty and I share artifacts from 1970s Augusta, Georgia, interspersed with stories about my parents' involvement therein. Black lights, go-go dancers, and mini-skirt contests galore! We also present another installment of "We Weep For The Future," this time with music.

Update: Scans of some of the ads we read are now available on Flickr.

Update #2: I'm a moron... of course Margaret Sanger didn't invent the birth control pill. Sorry for the brain fart, folks.

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Tags: 1970s, Augusta, black lights, go-go clubs, history, mistakes, night life, We weep for the future

Grayson's picture

Oh this is too much fun! I used to pass through (still do) Augusta about a zillion times a year on my way to and from College of Charleston and Atlanta. One time I was so amazingly stoned on my way through town, I stopped to get a tattoo at a tattoo parlor right there on the bad side of the main drag. I could've sworn the tattoo place was next to the Midas Club. But I changed my mind wile standing out in the blazing Augusta midday sun out on the sidewalk. I had to get back in my car it was so bloody hot. If I'd have passed through about dark, guess I'd have one now. To this day, I remain tattoo-free. Augusta, GA was the closest I've ever come to branding myself forever as the very bad girl I used to be.

Posted on August 15, 2006 - 2:07pm