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Interview - Alec Peters, CEO and co-founder of Screaming Sports

by Rusty Tanton, July 31, 2007 - 11:07pm

Show notes

Can you name five Web 2.0 companies in Atlanta that have received venture capital funding for a product? I can only name one: FSDashboard, creators of Screaming Sports, whose CEO Alec Peters is the subject for this interview. Screaming Sports is a web site that allows users to control several different fantasy sports leagues from a single interface.

Topics discussed include:

  • Overview of and technology behind Screaming Sports
  • Effects of having your company's product featured in TechCrunch
  • Dealing with VC firms
  • Differences between Atlanta and Silicon Valley
  • State of Atlanta's entrepreneurial climate, advice for local folks looking to start a Web 2.0 business

The only other Atlanta-based Web 2.0 company with a massive community of users that comes to mind is Christopher Klaus' Kaneva which, unless I'm mistaken, was self-funded after Klaus sold Internet Security Systems to IBM for a cool $1.3 billion. Can you name any others?

By the way, I should mention there are a lot of awesome companies doing Web 2.0 consulting in Atlanta (ListenShare, Hakano and What a Concept! come to mind among others). I'm not ignoring the awesome work they do, but I think they're in a different category than what I'm talking about here.

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