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Interview - Boyd Lewis, photographer whose work is featured in The Atlanta 70's Show

by Rusty Tanton, September 25, 2007 - 10:45pm

Show notes

In this episode, I interview Boyd Lewis, formerly "the white boy with the black press" who also happens to be a hell of a photographer. His work is featured in That Atlanta 70s Show, an exhibit at Mason Murer Fine Art which is running through Oct. 20. It's described on the show's web page as "history, art, theatre and an homage to Atlanta as Atlantis, the glorious place and time sunk below the explosions and tides of time."

We talk about what Atlanta was like in the 70s; slag on Creative Loafing, Saxby Chambliss and George Bush; and try to figure out the best way to punch The Establishment in the nuts.

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Tags: Atlanta, Boyd Lewis, history, Mason Murer Gallery, photography, That Atlanta 70s Show