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Talkie - listener voicemails, wistful reminiscing

by Rusty Tanton, August 7, 2009 - 9:03am

Show notes

After deciding to shut down the Georgia Podcast Network sometime within the next year, we decided it was also time to call it a day with Mostly ITP as well. It's been a great run the past three years, and one episode isn't enough to say how much it's all meant to us. But that doesn't stop us from trying! Seriously, this is long as shit.

We first play listener voicemails from Joseph, Jen and Grayson, and then the rest of the time is spent talking about running the site and the show, what we've learned, how things have changed, fun stuff, etc. We said we'd link to our appearance on the Cup O' Joe radio show that led to us coming with the idea for this site, so here you go.

I may update the notes later if I remember there being more stuff we said we'd link to, look up, or explain. Or if you want to leave more voicemails at 678.389.9441.

Thanks y'all.

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